Tailor-made tax consultancy for your real estate business

From financing accounting to compiling and checking your annual accounts, to advice on complex tax issues: as specialists in your industry, we can take care of allof this on your behalf.

We complete statutory tax returns for companies across Germany, taking the special requirements of the real estate industry into account. In addition to the proactive monitoring of losses or interest carried forward, the development of shareholders’ taxable capital accounts, the preparation of transfer price documentation and the monitoring of input tax codes, this also includes the constant management and monitoring of input tax adjustment amounts. We are also able to apply our excellent specialist knowledge to internal tax audits.

Companies are facing new requirements as a result of the ever-increasing
stipulations concerning financial reporting. We are your partner throughout this process and apply our extensive expertise so that you have all the support you need.
We are more than happy to compile individual reports that are specifically tailored to your needs on your behalf. We have amassed vast experience in the preparation of monthly financial statements, as well as effective date and purchase price balance sheets. We can also process annual and consolidated financial statements and reporting packages, as well as provide reconciliation between the different accounting standards.

When it comes to planning and setting up your financial accounting, we not only consider the special nature of the investment and the individual needs of our clients, but also the special fiscal concerns of the real estate industry. As simple and efficient as possible and yet sufficiently differentiated – this is how we compile powerful data that supports your work in a meaningful way. We are able to guarantee high-quality and consistent data, both through our close co-operation with property and asset managers and due to the compatibility of the software we use.
We have a great deal of experience working with a whole host of property
management software and are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the
various software solutions.

We take care of your concerns

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One company for all your tax consultancy and auditing needs: working with
mensching plus ensures that your real estate business is fully catered for.