Internal controls Risk management

Internal controls/Risk management

In the Mittelstand in particular, it is often not possible for company to set up its own internal audit department for cost reasons. Nevertheless, either due to legal requirements (for example, the German Investment Act / KAGB) or due to a “bad feeling” among directors or the investors, there is a necessity for controls that are independent of processes.
We can support you by taking over your internal audit tasks in full or in those areas regarded as particularly critical.

On the basis of our experience as auditors and our knowledge of the property industry, we can shed light on your internal processes concerning the following special issues in particular:

  • Risk management;
  • Quality of the bookkeeping;
  • Quality of property management accounts;
  • Anti-fraud data analysis;
  • IT security (IDW FAIT 1/IDW PS 330);
  • Share price valuation..

Furthermore, we can advise you on setting up and documenting an internal control system. Efficient and audit-compliant system documentation will save you time in daily business.

We can support professional colleagues in assessing the accounting-related IT systems in accordance with IDW PS 330/FAIT 1 and in data analysis in accordance with IDW PH 9.330.3.

> Fraud Detection/Data analysis
> Auditing