Fraud Detection / Datenanalyse

Fraud detection/Data analysis

Due to our extensive experience in processing and analysing large data files with the help of state-of-the-art IT tools, we can support you in:

  • Conducting so-called Journal Entry Tests (JET);
  • Standardised reviews of the accounting journal for irregularities;
  • Checking interfaces in complex ERP systems;
  • Complete and correct handover of data between the integrated systems (e.g. material management ↔ financial accounting or property management ↔ financial accounting);
  • Individual evaluations of your bookkeeping data and other IT systems;
  • Structuring and compressing data according to criteria agreed with you (for example, classifying maintenance costs from property managers according to approved limits and subsequent random sample checks of compliance with approval procedures) to ensure defined procedures and reviewing the effectiveness of controls (internal control system).

Our analysis software is not subject to the limitations of usual Office products regarding the extent of the data to be analysed. In addition, we are in a position to analyse data regardless of its origin, to link it together and analyse it.

We also offer these services to professional colleagues who cannot or do not want to bear the high costs of the necessary software in their office and the qualifications of their staff.

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