Drawing up financial statements / Reporting

Abschlusserstellung / Reporting

The requirements within the scope of drawing up annual and consolidated financial statements are continually increasing. This fast-moving environment poses new challenges not just to parent companies, which compile consolidated financial statements, but also smaller subsidiaries. Not only do they have to acquire the necessary know-how, they also have to retain staffing capacities to implement the ever more extensive requirements made of financial reporting in ever shorter times - and all that alongside daily business.

Our experts will support you in drawing up annual and consolidated financial statements and reporting packages in accordance with the German Commercial Code and IAS/IFRS and in drawing up reconciliations between the different standards. So you’ll have more time for the essentials.

In addition, we draw up other evaluations that are required e.g. by financing banks or other partners, in particular:

  • Statements of assets;
  • Proforma US-GAAP or IFRS balance sheets;
  • Interim and purchase price settlement balance sheets;
  • Calculating the degree of interest, capital servicing and debt cover;
  • The amount of non-recoverable operating costs.

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